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Rent a server for 1c

Do you need an inexpensive reliable 1C server rental?

1C is slow?

Have you decided to change the virtual server?

The company Aihor hosting offers turnkey solutions for renting a server for 1C.

1C Virtual Servers

Moving your 1C server to the cloud is a VPS / VDS hosting service with a comprehensive control panel setup optimized for your tasks. By choosing VDS hosting, you will only pay for the resources used.

For optimal performance of your software, a powerful, high-performance server on a modern ISP System platform will be allocated. We offer a flexible system of tariff plans from the economical Minimus to the comprehensive Maximus.

By ordering any of them, you get:

  • virtual dedicated server in the cloud;
  • access via VPN;
  • data centers in Moscow and Europe;
  • data link speed 200Mbps;
  • unlimited traffic;
  • ability to choose between SSD and HDD drives;
  • server access and management-built-in VNC client;
  • selecting any OS to install;
  • gray IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses for internal communication;
  • virus protection.

Dedicated 1C physical servers

You can also order the rental of dedicated physical servers. This option is optimal for owners of extensive corporate structures that involve many employees. Using dedicated server, you become the owner of full control over the equipment and are free to choose any software.

By placing 1C in a physical data storage system, the customer is guaranteed to be protected from hacker attacks, since the Virtual Server with VPN is completely at his disposal. Dedicated web-server rental is also relevant in terms of the power of the received equipment – different configurations are available based on the equipment of the leading manufacturer Intel: Xeon E, E3, E5. The choice of SSD server determines the maximum speed, security, reliability, which are provided by working in the RAID10 array.

Rent a dedicated physical server 1C from the company Aichor-this is:

  • large selection of configurations used;
  • single-or dual-core Intel Xeon processor;
  • unlimited internet up to 2Gbps (2 ports);
  • internal – 1 GB / s;
  • control panel-ISP manager;
  • white IPv4, IPV6;
  • the ability to install Centos, Ubuntu, Debian, FreeBSD, as well as different versions of Windows;
  • reliable data storage systems in the Moscow data Center;
  • availability of all licenses.

Why is Aichor Hosting?

We offer our clients a turnkey server rental service. By ordering 1C cloud services from us, you get:

  1. automation, control panel from ISP Systems.
  2. Free domain.
  3. SSL certificate.
  4. Placement of information on our own data carriers in our data center, the degree of reliability-Tier III.
  5. Licenses for Windows server and 1C.
  6. Unlimited administrative rights.
  7. Unlimited Internet from 100Mb/s to 1Gb/s.
  8. Personal IP address.
  9. Customers are guaranteed global technical support, and competent experts working in it will help you 24/7.

Call us-the company Aihor Hosting, if you want to purchase the service “Rent a server for 1C” at the lowest price. We will ensure reliability and quality.


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