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VDS / VPS server on Ubuntu

VPS server on Ubuntu — a virtual dedicated server running the Ubuntu Server operating system.

Ubuntu Server is a Linux-based operating system designed for use on servers that perform completely different roles. For example, a VPS / VDS on Ubuntu Linux can be used as a file storage, LAN access server, or game server. Its functionality is applicable both for the home and for businesses. This VDS server will handle a wide range of tasks, including OpenStack cloud services and rendering farms. It is also worth noting that the developer company (Canonical) develops and maintains compatibility with Kubernetes and Docker.

How to choose the Ubuntu version (LTS or not)

New versions of Ubuntu Server are released every six months, and updates to these interim releases are released every 9 months. But there is a release version of the system with the abbreviation LTS (for example, Ubuntu version 18.04 LTS). The abbreviation stands for Long Term Support, translated into Russian as ” extended support time” (namely, up to 10 years). The choice of the LTS version will be justified only if there is a need for long-term operation without regular updates of the release and packages. In any other case, it makes sense to use the new version of Ubuntu, since updates will be released more often. Canonical provides round-the-clock technical support for its system and products based on it.

Ubuntu Server Features

  • The user-friendly and intuitive console system installer allows you to quickly install on the VDS server and configure the system for the required task.
  • After installing the operating system, you will be able to connect to your VDS server via the secure ssh network protocol. You can log in to the server immediately after installation only under a normal account and then, using the sudo command, assign root rights to your user.
  • Ubuntu Server always uses one of the most recent kernels among Linux server operating systems.

One of the unpleasant features of Ubuntu Server is that Ubuntu collects user data starting from the installation process. Of course, data collection can be disabled, but what was collected at the time of installation will be sent to the servers of the developer company. Here is the data that will be sent:

  • System version and build
  • Information about network settings
  • Equipment information
  • Disk layout, etc.
  • The main advantages of VDS/VPS Ubuntu
  • Stability. Ubuntu Server is a very reliable and stable system. It is often used on high-load cloud servers, it does not require constant computer restarts even after system updates, and the system uses RAM efficiently.
  • Safety. At the moment, Ubuntu Server is considered one of the most secure server operating systems.
  • High performance. It is caused by the special architecture of the core, rational use of power and rejection of the GUI. Ubuntu Server is a fairly fast and resource-free system, and its hardware requirements are relatively modest.

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