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Windows VPS / VDS Server rental

A VPS / VDS server on Windows is a virtual dedicated server running the Windows operating system. Why would you need such a server?

  • First, by purchasing this service, you will be able to work safely on the Internet. A Windows server VPS is not a desktop computer in your home. This is a remote computer that has the full functionality of a home desktop computer or laptop. Accordingly, you will also be able to surf the Internet, run an unlimited number of programs, test a game or software, and not be afraid that viruses will get to you and somehow affect the operation of your system.Аренда виртуального сервера Windows необходима для запуска программ, которые требуют круглосуточной работы. К примеру, вы торгуете на бирже и вам необходимо постоянно, 24/7 контролировать тенденции фондового рынка.
  • Office work is another area of use of VDS/VPS Windows. In particular, this service is very often used to provide a virtual infrastructure of a corporate network or as a remote 1C server.
  • Windows VDS / VPS hosting is used for the deployment of game servers and involves the provision of capacity for hosting online games.
  • One of the narrowly applicable areas of use: it is worth renting a Windows server when working with sites and applications created with the help of technology ASP.NET and MS SQL from Microsoft.

Windows VPS/VDS Features


  • Easy to use, the user has enough basic knowledge of the PC.
  • Easier to update and administer than Linux, and requires less command-line knowledge..
  • It is stable, just like Linux, provided that it is properly administered.


  • Windows servers are more vulnerable than Linux servers.
  • The cost of licensed copies. The costs, including software licenses and hardware upgrades, for Windows servers are significantly higher than their Linux counterparts.

Rent a VPS / VDS server on Windows in ” Aihor Hosting”

By purchasing the remote Windows server service in IHOR, you get:

  • Own VPS/VDS system based on Windows Server 2008/ 2012/ 2016 (with an interface like Windows 10) Standart-Rus.
  • The ability to connect to the operating system using RDP (remote desktop).
  • Your dedicated IP address, which guarantees you access to the server from anywhere in the world.
  • The ability to configure the system and install applications for the necessary tasks.

5 simple steps to create a remote virtual server on the Windows operating system:

  1. Register on our website ihor.ru.
  2. Select the VPS/VDS server configuration.
  3. In the “Operating System” section, select the version of Windows you need.
  4. Fill in the personal data section,
  5. Select the payment method and pay for the service.

And after paying for the service for 1 year — you can buy a virtual server on Windows with a 10% discount!

We have our own data center in Moscow with the level of reliability Tier III, we use only modern and reliable equipment from leading manufacturers, so we guarantee our customers a high level of security and reliability. Our technical support works 24/7 and always responds promptly to any problems. If you still have questions or need help choosing a VDS configuration on Windows, call us or write to us by email.


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▪ Discount during payment for a year!

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