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VPS Linux server for rent

Linux server operating systems are ubiquitous and solve completely different tasks. Official sales statistics indicate that 25 percent of the servers in the world use Linux (and this does not include home use).

When choosing a server on Linux OS, you should consider the role and scope of this server. For example, setting up an operating system for a VPS/VDS as an FTP server is significantly different from a Linux-based game cloud server, although both servers run on the Linux OS kernel. This means that some Linux systems are aimed at experienced and advanced users who solve complex tasks, for example, in the field of computing, while others are suitable for solving everyday office tasks. Due to the large number of communities that support information systems, Linux operating systems have a significant advantage over their competitors.

For example, a VPS / VDS server running on Linux in a corporate network segment processes and stores client computer data and provides server resource management, thereby providing the highest performance. The server’s hardware configuration guarantees continuity, efficiency, and fault tolerance.

Linux-based operating systems

Linux-based operating systems are a proven solution for a virtual server. Here, some representatives:

  • Ubuntu Server. The most popular Linux-based operating system for virtual servers. Ubuntu Server is available in two versions: LTS and periodic releases. New versions of Ubuntu Server are released every 6 months, and updates to these periodic releases are released every 9 months. But there is a release version of the system with the abbreviation LTS at the end. LTS stands for Long Term Support. Using Ubuntu Server, you can configure your web servers, file sharing sites, and more.
  • OpenSUSE. The first release of this operating system took place in 1993. But only in 2015, the open version of this OS received SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE). openSUSE has two descendants: Leap and Tumbleweed. Leap versions are released somewhat less frequently than the periodic release of Tumbleweed, which is intended for advanced users and uses more modern packages.
  • CentOS. This OS is a direct descendant of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) with open source code and perfectly organizes work on the servers of the enterprise segment. A survey conducted in 2010 found that about a third of Linux-based servers run on CentOS.
  • Debian. By far the most secure and stable of the free operating systems for Linux servers. Debian OS has been in development since 1993, and the first stable distribution was published in 1996. Debian formed the basis of many Linux-like operating systems, one of the representatives is Ubuntu. This operating system is often used for file sharing, email, game, or media servers.
  • Arch Linux. A free distribution that represents stable versions. As a rule, the release provides the basic OS kernel, to which the user can add everything that is necessary. This OS is quite difficult to install and configure, but it has powerful functionality.

Virtual VPS / VDS server on Linux from ” Aihor Hosting”

When ordering a VPS/VDS service on Linux from the company “Aihor Hosting”, you get the opportunity to install one or more of the above operating systems, or use your own build that solves exactly your tasks. To order the service, use the configurator on the site, and if you have any questions, call or write to us.


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