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VPS server for Forex

Every trader has thought about optimizing their trading strategy at least once in their life. Often, new market trends, where you can get a good income, appear unexpectedly. And not all traders have the time to continuously monitor every movement of the market. It is for such tasks that the VPS Forex server is relevant. It is suitable for those who want to automate trading as much as possible and use trading robots.

VPS for Forex is a virtual dedicated server provided to the user. In fact, it is a hosting service that is used for such tasks as working with expert advisors, experts and Forex robots in an uninterrupted and round-the-clock mode.

Operating principle

When you connect the VPS service for Forex, the trader will have access to a computer that works around the clock, similar to a regular one, and a Windows desktop. You can fully configure the server for your tasks. For example, you can install the MetaTrader terminal version 4 or version 5, which will allow you to automate both individual actions of the trader and the entire trade as a whole. This is possible thanks to the creation of special expert advisor programs. They are also called trading robots. But all of them work only in the terminal. If the terminal is closed or the computer is turned off, the Expert Advisor will not work.

That is why you should use a high-quality VPS for Forex. Its main advantage is smooth operation. It eliminates the possibility of equipment failure, power loss and Internet connection failure. All the power of the remote computer is used only for trading. The user has the ability to monitor the operation of their terminals and market indicators from any computer or mobile device anywhere in the world. All this eliminates the need to spend a huge amount of time and constantly be in front of the computer, watching the work of their Forex programs.

Currently, a large number of special free VPS for Forex have appeared on the market. But such servers have significant disadvantages:

  • Using very weak configurations, Expert advisors ” slow down»
  • High probability of theft of expert advisors
  • Lack of technical support and administration

Take these facts into account when choosing this free option.

Configuring VPS/VDS for Forex in iHOR

The company “Aihor Hosting” provides a reliable server for Forex for rent. What you need to do to get started:

  1. Pay for the VPS/VDS server rental service. After paying for the selected UPU tariff plan, the server with Windows and RDP will be ready to work in 15-20 minutes.
  2. Connect to the server using the IP address, username and password received after payment for the service. For Windows, the RDP protocol is used.
  3. Install a trading terminal. This is done in the same way as on the local computer. You need to go through the browser to your personal account on the broker’s website, download the terminal and install it according to the instructions.
  4. Launch the terminal and connect your trading account.
  5. Install the Expert Advisor (you can choose it based on the current ratings, there are quite a lot of them on the Internet) and other necessary tools in the terminal.

Advantages of working with ” Aihor Hosting»

  • We use only modern and reliable equipment from leading manufacturers: SuperMicro, ASUS, Intel Xeon, Cisco and Juniper.
  • We maintain security at the highest level. A storage system with the use of reliable organization of disk space. Our servers are equipped with the latest NMVe SSD drives, SATA SSDs operate in a RAID 10 array, which makes the operation as fast and reliable as possible. Backup systems are provided to ensure the continuity of the power supply. All our clients are protected from DDoS attacks, we provide basic UDP protection, and if required, extended UDP / TCP DDoS protection by allocating IP addresses from the protected network.
  • Our servers are located in Russia in the center of Moscow, which guarantees good network connectivity for the Russian market.
  • IHOR technical support is available to its customers 24/7.

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