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Rent a server for games

Renting a server for games is essentially a VPS/VDS hosting rental service. The difference lies in the presence of a specialized control panel, fully configured by the server of a particular game.

Software for multiplayer games have quite diverse requirements for hosting resources, so the cost of renting servers with the same number of slots (1 slot is one virtual gaming space) it may differ for different games. So, for example, for the stable operation of the Minecraft server and the Counter-Strike server, the minimum required power will be different. Do not base your choice solely on the price and choose just a cheap platform.

There are two most common payment schemes: for slots (a lightweight version) and for resources (rent of a full-fledged VDS, for more qualified organizers of game servers).

By choosing the latter option, you get:

  • flexible settings for server core, control panel, and automatic updates;
  • ability to set the player limit;
  • setting up modifications and plugins;
  • and many other options that you can customize for yourself and the requirements of the gaming community.

What is important when choosing a hosting service

Key features to consider when choosing a VDS/VPS for game hosting:

  • Performance
    Nothing annoys gamers more than high Ping and low FPS. Performance and speed are the most important characteristics of the game server, and to enjoy the game process, the values of these parameters should be maximum. All hardware should be a symbiosis of modern, powerful and expensive equipment, and in the best case, it should also be supplemented with SSD drives. It is important that the server is located in a reliable data center, and access to it is provided by a high-speed stable connection.
  • Reliability
    Uptime and security are the main criteria for reliability, especially given that game servers are often the target of hackers and are often subject to DDoS attacks. Therefore, a good quality server must have protection from hacker attacks and a powerful firewall.
  • Support
    The server will be actively used both at night and on weekends, so it is important that the hoster provides technical support on any day and at any time of the day.

In the company “Aihor Hosting” you can rent a virtual server for games. We allocate playgrounds organized on high-quality and modern equipment, and our network is characterized by high bandwidth and high-speed connection to Internet providers, with a total capacity of more than 80 gigabits. Due to the fact that our data center is located in Moscow, we provide Russian players with a low ping. Aihor Hosting guarantees its customers reliable protection against DDoS attacks on demand, stable operation without failures and daily round-the-clock support of technical specialists.

How to build your game server in IHOR?

  1. First of all, you need to decide on the number of resources, and therefore, the tariff plan. These characteristics must be selected in accordance with the requirements of the games necessary for the organization of the server. At the moment, the most popular servers for games are: Minecraft, CS: GO, Counter-Strike 1.6, and GTA: SAMP.
  2. Use the online calculator on our website to select the equipment configuration and pay for the VPS/VDS rental service.
  3. Install / configure the control panel.
  4. Download, install and configure the game server of the selected game.
  5. Install the necessary plugins and modifications.
  6. After completing the steps, the game server will be ready to start.

If you need advice on choosing a hosting configuration or help in the project settings, call or write to us, the technical specialists of “Aihor Hosting” are always ready to help. The order and delivery of servers are made Online within 2-5 minutes after registration.


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