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Virtual server rental in Moscow

The storage and successful operation of modern process management systems requires significant capacity and disk space. A virtual server is ideal for this task. It is also referred to as VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) or VPS (Virtual Private Server). Such a server requires constant physical allocation of memory resources, disk space, and processor cores for a virtual machine running the selected operating system. VPS / VDS makes it possible to work with software and files as on a regular physical server, but it is much cheaper.

Who needs a virtual server

Some examples of using a virtual server under Windows and Linux:

  • Modern enterprises successfully use virtualization technologies for the collection, storage and processing of personal data, analytics, and management and accounting.
  • Stock traders. Virtual servers are necessary for trading to constantly monitor the market movement.
  • The gaming industry also uses virtualization technology. One example is the well – known TeamSpeak program for team communication. Renting a VDS server with a Linux-like operating system is the most optimal solution for use in the field of gaming voice communication.
  • VPN tunnels are another option that VDS / VPS servers can be used for. Users resort to this method for confidential and secure surfing on the Internet.

There are also not only virtual servers, but also physical dedicated servers, which have their advantages. But often there is simply no need to rent a physical server to host a website or an office information system (ERP, CRM) due to the high cost of the solution or the low resource load. In such cases, a cheaper virtual VDS/VPS server is also suitable.

Advantages of renting a virtual server

  • Access with full rights.
  • Guaranteed resources (CPU, memory, disk).
  • The ability to install any software needed to solve your problems.
  • A dedicated communication channel and a fixed IP address.
  • The ability to scale and optimize resources for specific tasks.
  • There is no limit on the number of stored sites, databases, and mailboxes.

Virtual dedicated server: rent in ” Aihor Hosting»

“Aihor Hosting” offers to buy a virtual server service. With our calculator, you can choose the tariff that suits you right now, without relying on forecasts about the future scaling of your virtual infrastructure. If necessary, you can increase the server capacity at any time under the current contract.

To rent a remote VDS/VPS server, you need to consider: the number of cores and processor performance, the amount of RAM (RAM), the bandwidth of the communication channel, as well as the size, speed and reliability of the hard disk (HDD/SSD). The price of the virtual server will depend on these parameters. When paying for a virtual server for 1 year, a 10% discount is provided. The license for ISPmanager Lite is provided free of charge starting from the “Cuprum Plus” tariff and higher (except for rates with daily payment).

IHOR virtual servers are located on the latest equipment in a modern data center in Russia in Moscow. Our data center provides a high level of security, is equipped with continuous power supply and climate control systems, as well as modern fire extinguishing systems and round-the-clock security.

Technical support of “Aihor Hosting” works in the 24×7 mode and promptly responds and eliminates any malfunctions in the operation of the equipment. You can find out the cost and order a VDS server for rent through the configurator on the website, by calling or writing to us by email.


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