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Site protection with DDoS-GUARD for ISPmanager Lite!

Now you can protect your sites from DDoS by using DDoS-GUARD for ISPmanager Lite. This module protects sites from the so-called HTTP (S) flood. It will repel an attack in 99.5% of cases, which means that with the module connected, you will not need to worry about unfair competitors and attackers who can attack your sites. DDoS-GUARD uses Reverse Proxy technology to protect websites.

You can find out the price for this module and other software in the “Contracts and Agreements” section.


▪ Stable.
▪ In rub.
▪ Not depended on $ and €.
▪ We  !
▪ Discount during payment for a year!

For Legal Entities

Contract and full complect of accounting documents by mail.

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