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Additional paid tech services

Predefined worksPrice, in $
Initial work on setting up the server
Installing and reinstalling the OS from an ISO according to the requirements of the client (plug in IS, selection of non-standard disk configuration including encryption, disk partitioning; pre-installation of any software without configuration, etc.)20$
Software installation
Server software updates. Updating of specific software is discussed.from 10%
Basic installation and updating of control panels to the latest versions (ISPmanager, ISPConfig, VestaCP, BrainyCP, cPanel, FASTPANEL)10$
Changing the main version of PHP (if the additional version is available in the distribution repositories)20$
Upgrading to the latest versions of MySQL/MariaDB and changing from MySQL ↔ MariaDB20$
Initial installation of popular CMS (Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Bitrix)from 20$
Installing a proxy server (3proxy) with initial configuration.from 20$
Installing VPN (OpenVpn, WireGuard) with initial setup.from 20$
Setup work
Linux/Windows backup setup20$
Issuing a Let’s encrypt certificate manually, connecting to the service and setup cronjob for auto-renewal.20$
Installing a Third Party SSL Certificate (Web Servers/Mail Servers)20$
Optimization of server settings for popular CMS, installation of cache plugins and mechanisms.20$
Changing the main IP address on an network interface.10$
Data center works
Server Diagnostics10$
Preventive cleaning of the server (the service is provided at colocation and rack rental rates).20$
Replacement of components at colocation tariffs and rack rental service./td>from 10$
BGP connection2000
Announcement of IP prefix and IP addresses.20$
Creating a Private VLAN.20$
Private VLAN support20$ per month
Crossing (basic).30$
Work on changing the configuration of a dedicated server (downgrade).20$
Resetting the Linux/Windows server password.20$
Reseting MySQL root password.20$
Reset administrator password for popular CMS (Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Bitrix).20$
Transferring websites, inhouse service.from 10$
Migrate VPS between clusters on demand.30$
Create disk raw image/copy disk between servers.60$
Work according to the technical task from the client.from 50$
Chat with technical support about something else 😉Negotiated

▪ Stable.
▪ In rub.
▪ Not depended on $ and €.
▪ We  !
▪ Discount during payment for a year!

For Legal Entities

Contract and full complect of accounting documents by mail.

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